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Selected Publications

Villanueva, G. (2024). Multimodal autoethnographic sincerity. Communication Studies. 1–18. In Special Issue, A. Heuman & A. Mudambi, (eds.). “Expanding upon critical methodologies and perspectives in communication studies.” Online First:

Villanueva, G. (2024) No Justice, No Streets! Black radical placemaking and its political aesthetics in George Floyd Square. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies. 1–26. Online first:  

Villanueva, G. (2022). Storytelling Networks that Build Community Power: Urban Equity Advocacy From a Communication Infrastructure Lens. Management Communication Quarterly. 1–27. Online first: 

Villanueva, G. (2022). Promoting Urban Social Justice through Engaged Communication Scholarship: Reimagining Place. Social Justice and Communication Activism Series. New York: Routledge. *2023 Jane Jacobs Book Award, Urban Communication Foundation.

Villanueva, G. (2020). You must learn: Sampling critical hip hop pedagogy in communication education spaces. Pedagogy, Culture and Society, 1-19. Online First:


Villanueva, G. (2020). Designing a Chinatown anti-displacement map and walking tour through communication asset mapping. Journal of Urban Design, 1-24. Online First:


Villanueva, G. (2020). Making place for my space/ making space for our displacement? An autoethnography of a reflexive communicative urban planner. In Special Issue, R. Silverman & D. Rowe, eds.: "Blurring The Body and The Page: The Theory, Style, and Practice of Autoethnography". Cultural Studies <--> Critical Methodologies, 20(2), 1–10. 


Poon, O. and G. Villanueva. (2019) Reenergizing and renewing the call for Asian American and Pacific Islander university community research partnerships. AAPI Nexus Journal: Policy, Practice, and Community, 16(1-2), xix-xxvi.

Villanueva, G. (2019). Chitown loves you: Hip hop’s alternative spatializing narratives and activism to Trump’s hateful campaign rhetoric about Chicago. Journal of Popular Music Studies, 31(2), 127–146.


Villanueva, G. & A. Wenzel. (2018). The Engaged Communication Scholar: Designing CIT-Informed Engaged Research in Diverse Communities, 167–186. In Y.C. Kim, M. Matsaganis, H. Wilkin, & J.Y. Jung (Eds.), The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities. New York: Peter Lang.

Villanueva, G., Gonzalez, C., Son, M., Moreno, E., Liu, W., and Ball-Rokeach, S.J. (2017). Bringing local voices into community revitalization: Engaged communication research in urban planning. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 45(5), 474–494.


Villanueva, G. (2017). Engaged media scholarship: Making place with community organizers. Anthropology Now, 9(2), 102–114.   


Villanueva, G. (2017) Embodying Democratic Spaces: Community Organizer Alternative Narratives that Challenge the Mainstream Negative Stigma of  South Los Angeles, 73–98. In J. Banh & M. King (Eds.), Anthropology of Los Angeles: Place and Agency in an Urban Setting. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Villanueva, G. (2016). Filipinos for Garcetti: Ethnic political organizing and Asian American civic engagement in cities. Asian American Policy Review, 26, 10–19. Retrieve from:     


Villanueva, G., Broad, G., Gonzalez, C., Ball-Rokeach, S., & Murphy, S. (2016). Communication asset mapping: An ecological field application toward building healthy communities. International Journal of Communication, 10, 2704–2724. Retrieve from:


Stokes, B., Villanueva, G., Bar, F., and Ball-Rokeach, S.J.  (2015).  Mobile Design as Neighborhood Acupuncture: Activating the Storytelling Networks of South L.A. Journal of Urban Technology, 22(3), 55–77.


Broad, G., Ball-Rokeach, S.J., Ognyanova, K., Stokes, B., Picasso, T., and Villanueva, G. (2013).  Understanding Communication Ecologies to Bridge Communication Research and Community Action.  Journal of Applied Communication Research,   41(3), 325–345.

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